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six blocks in newark

driving home from work
down a street
not mine
stopped at a light

pretty eyes in a seven year old face
selling m&m’s car to car
i’ll pass today
but will say yes tomorrow
not because i want the candy
but because he wants to give me something solid
in exchange for my two dollars
please be careful of the traffic
angel boy

next block
women and children in front of an apartment building
on folding chairs in the heat
shouted conversations
braid my hair mommy?
get over here, now!
i told him no but he still keeps callin’.

next corner
young handsome men
up to no good
clandestine glances
dark business
i avoid eye contact,
look nonchalant
wait for the light to change

now down the road
across the street
an old woman
lovingly tends her flowers
in a concrete planter
tucked between her driveway
and her neighbor’s
bright daisies
yellow as the sun
dancing against the backdrop
of blacktop and wrought iron

six blocks in newark
listening to the stones:
if i don’t get some shelter
oh yes i’m gonna fade away
love, sister,
it’s just a kiss away



is it cold where you are?
are the blankets i slept beneath,
lofty on your bed as snow,
warm enough to chase the chill from your bones?

do you ever think of me?
have you wondered,
gazing out the kitchen window,
coffee in hand as we did, where i am?

have you ever watched a river?
seen the water move over rock,
leaves carried to distant banks
far from the tree that bore them,
and wondered if it ever rests?

i am that river
running over stone and mud
swirling in pools, then moving on
at times yielding to the banks
then overflowing them
carrying with me twigs and leaves and earth

and you, my love, are a leaf
brilliant and gold in the sunlight
dropped from a maple far north of here
floating forever in my waters

8/31/04 8:30am north point, block island
gray sea rolling in
over and over the song
and the satisfying gurgle
of water over stone
changes my breathing
and the cycle feels
like my blood
asserting its power

a quiet storm rained down
last night
as the house slept
but not me
not all night
because my blood was out here
breaking against stone
for morning

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Created this blog a while back, but I’m just beginning to use it. I’ll mostly be posting thoughts about living life fully, linking to people, music, photos, etc. that I am inspired by. I’ll drop in a few of my own original poems just to give them an outlet. Thanks for stopping by!